Shrug Island Release Announcement and Trailer

We're delighted to announce that May 9 is the release date for Shrug Island - The Meeting on Steam and We've made this release trailer to celebrate, featuring the voice of Lukkif. If you can, watch it full screen and with headphones.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from team Shrug. Alina has written a Holiday Wrap Up for you on what we've been working on this past year and our progress on the game. There are lots of lovely pictures, like these Shrug-themed hand-painted stones she made on her breaks from Photoshop. Read it on our Kickstarter Update page.

playing Shrug Island at Boston FIG

Boston Fig Award

We’ve been admiring the Boston indie scene from afar, so we were delighted to be selected to showcase Shrug Island at the Boston Festival of Indie Games. The festival featured 50 digital and 50 baord games, and everyone involved and attending the festival was enthusiastic and friendly. The sense of community and mutual support was evident. To top off the weekend, Shrug Island won the award for Innovation in Art and Narrative, known in the local dialect as a Figgie.

Shrug Island Figgie Award for Innovation in Art and Narrative

Throughout the showcase we enjoyed watching people play Shrug Island together. They would share the mouse and discuss the game as they went along, though as seen below, not necessarily following each other's advice.

playing Shrug Island at Boston FIG

IndieCade Europe

Testing Shrug Island at IndieCade EU

Shrug Island - The Meeting, had the privilige of being selected to showcase at IndieCade Europe and the honor of winning the festival's Developer's Choice Award. We were delighted to meet such inspiring independent game developers, researchers and supporters at the event. It's a great motivation to be part of a community of passionate people dedicated to making a difference through this medium as we move into the last stretch of development.

Lukkif Vocals for Shrug Island

Lukkif Recording Shrug Island Vocals

We're delighted that Shrug Island will be featuring the voice of the Danish/Norwegian artist Lukkif. From a recording session and improvisations together, Michael is constructing elaborate harmonies to weave throughout scenes and our main character's Li’s vision mode in the game, to evoke the powerful subconscious and dream layers of this world. Vocals of the North return to the Island…

Internship on Shrug Island’s Chapter 2!

Do you want to see your animations dance to life in a game?
Try your concept skills on nature based puzzles and silly characters?
Or take on challenges of promoting a crowdfunded product in the changing landscape of games?
Apply for an internship at Tiny Red Camel, with a focus on 2D Animation, Concept Art or PR/Creative Production!

Shrug Island, a 2D musical adventure game ‌in four chapters, is produced by Tiny Red Camel, a Copenhagen based indie studio with funds from Kickstarter and the Danish Film Institute.
The game follows the seasonal adventures of the Shrugs, shapeshifters that use music to communicate with a constantly changing Island.
Players combine two little Shrugs with different skills who keep the seasons turning, help their unusual family keep the magic alive, and unravel the secrets of Shrug Island.
Chapter 1 introducing the game world and it’s characters will be released in the summer of 2015.
Chapter 2 reveals the mysterious Watcher, the fun-filled village and a strange quest for musical lunch.

Long internships may be offered an ecovillage inspiration tour/ workshop in clay building! Further job possibilities will open in the fall of 2015.

Internships are set between July and October 2015. 
Locations, duration and periods discussed on an applicant basis. 

Send questions and submissions to alina(at)